Looking for a good employee for your small business might be a hectic and time consuming activity. Being the employer, do not expect an employee who will have the same ideas as yours and think just like you Employ anyone who will have some knowledge about the work, provided that he/she does not do things in contrary with yours.

Factors to consider

Before hiring an employee for your small business, the following factors should be put into consideration: Look at your budget. Your budget will determine the salary that you are going to pay the employees. Formulate an approximate amount of money so that you do not overpay or underpay them. Second, look at the location of the work place. The place also plays an important role to the salary of the employee. This is because you will include his/her transport expense in her/his salary. Finally, look if you are hiring an office or a virtual employee. Hiring a virtual employee would be cheaper than hiring an office employee. This is because a virtual employee can do the required work from home.

Tips to Use

The following are some of the guides that can be used to get a good employee.

  1. You can start by advertising for a vacancy in your small business. In this advertisement, include the required qualifications of the employee, your contacts and where you reside. This is an easy and cheap method because you will only remain with the interviewing part.
  2. Inform people that you are searching for employees using the social sites like the resume sites. This is also a good way of attracting a large number of people effortlessly.
  3. You can also seek for help from the government work agencies. This you can do by contacting the agency explaining the full details of the work you are offering and the qualifications you want the employee to meet. This is a cheap method because you will only be required to pay a small amount of money.

After that, you will get a lot of people seeking for the job in your small business. However, you will not employ all of them. Instead, you will have to interview them one after the other and ask them some of the relevant questions with regard to the job. These can be question like: their working experience in that field, their skills and their educational background. These questions are important because you will be able to know the amount of money to pay them. With all that you will have to choose some of them with whom you are pleased with.

How To Fund a Business

How To Fund a Business

Most people have tons of business ideas in their head. They are dreaming of starting their own business in order to “be their own boss.” Though most people are filled with ideas, one question in their head seems to be the hardest to answer: the question on “How To Fund A Business.” If you are planning to start your own business, then it’s a good thing you have stumbled on this material. As you go through this content, you will start to learn how to raise capital for your would-be business. Let’s start with the first method.

  1. Turn to your own account. This means, you should start looking at your bank accounts and previous investments. It is not recommended that you take up the whole stash. You could start raising your capital by getting 20%-40% of your savings.
  2. 2. Jiggle your way through the family. You could ask your relatives or your friends for capital. In return, you can provide them with a portion of your business’ equity.
  3. Turning to the big guys. As we all know, banks are relatively hard to loan from However, if you consider yourself highly likely to get a loan, then you could turn to these big guys. However, you have to negotiate with them professionally–making sure you have a well-prepared business plan including significant information regarding your plans. It is suggested that you include market research, financial projections, revenue expectations, anticipations of loss and strategies that may offset these losses.
  4. Turn to crowd funding. Crowd funding is a relatively new way of raising capital and it clearly helps when it comes to the question on how to fund a business. There are a lot of crowdfunding sites in the Internet and you could sign up for these sites. The key here is to be genuine. You need a solid business plan that will blow away the minds of people who can potentially fund your project.
  5. Pray to the angels. I’m not saying you have to place your palms together and look towards the skies. What I’m referring to is angel investing. Angel investors are “potential investors” who are looking for businesses they can invest in In return, an agreement between the angel investor and the business owner is made. In most cases, the angel investor owns a portion of the business’ equity.

There are a lot of angel investing sites online. And you could also network your way towards angel investors by visiting their communities. As always, you should have a stunning business plan that has the potential to earn profit.

I hope we have answered your question on how to fund a business. There is a lot of potential when it comes to having your own business. As such, there are also a lot of ways to raise your own capital. If you are surely dedicated on putting up your own business, then we recommend that you become a go-getter and start digging.